Activities for all tastes

Lodge Andino El Ingenio offers its guests a wide variety of options for all ages and possibilities.
At Lodge Andino El Ingenio we have trails for hiking, trekking, to visit the charms of the cordillera of the Central Andes, and explore its landscapes on horseback tours, always guided by experts. Lodge Andino El Ingenio is the perfect base to explore the incomparable beauty of the Central Andes Mountain Range. Its routes and viewpoints will make your excursions an unforgettable outing.

Hiking and Trekking "Roads and Landscapes - Half Day Excursions

HIKING TO THE NOGALES: Departure from the Lodge walking towards the plantation of 100 hectares of Nogales in the El Ingenio farm. Cross the Estero El Ingenio towards the La Higuera stream crossing the walnut plantation and being able to observe endemic birds of the place like the Turkish one.

1.5 A 2 HRS 4 KM EASY

HIKING TO THE CLEOPATRAS : Departure from the Lodge walking towards the sector of La Montura. Wide view of the walnut plantation in El Ingenio. It goes through the Estero El Ingenio through the native vegetation of the place until it reaches the La Cleopatra sector with waterfall and water pools in winter and spring. Return to the lodge along the same path.

1.5 A 2 HRS. 4 KM MEDIA

HIKING TO THE CADILLAL: Departure from the Lodge by car 5 minutes to the sector of El Horizonte. Ascent to the sector of La Cruz (1,800 m) by sclerophyllous scrub. Hike with wide views to the entire Valley of El Ingenio and San Gabriel. Surrounded by hills over 3,000 m. Sighting of Condors, Eagles and Eaglets. Downhill with steep slope. Return to the lodge walking.