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How to get to Lodge Andino

Take an international flight to Santiago and connect land on a journey of about 60 minutes. From the north of Santiago, the Americo Vespucio highway , take the No. 41 " Las Torres " exit and follow the side street to Avenida La Florida. Turn left and continue until fork to the Vizcachas and Cajon del Maipo. Always continue along this route (G -25 ) which is then transformed in Camino El Volcan.

On the way, cross several mountain villages , Las Vertientes , El Canelo , El Manzano , the most important being San José de Maipo. A Time Passing by St. Alphonsus , there are only 6 Kilometres to divert to El Ingenio Where will insert at The Lodge Private estate of the same name .

Cross the Maipo River by a narrow bridge and take the road to the left , 600 meters Arriving at the entrance of Fundo El Ingenio , where a 300 meters will find the entrance to Lodge Andino El Ingenio.


Lodge Andino El Ingenio is located in the Mediterranean climate. It presents dry season and rainfall in the winter. The average temperature is 14 ° C per year and sums rainfall an annual average of 356.2 mm. are disappearing from the coast to the intermediate depression.

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